Soft & Shiny Hair

Our best hair serums, nourishing oils & protective sprays for shiny, smooth, strong hair for all hair types.

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Lait de Soie Blow Dry Hair Milk
Paraben free blow dry milk with Coconut Oil for thick hair.


150 ml
Essence D'Eclat Hair Oil Mist
Paraben free hair oil mist with Coconut Oil for dull hair.



100 ml
Essence D'Eclat Travel-Size Hair Oil Mist
Moisturizing hair oil mist for dull hair.



50 ml
Concentré Essentiel Hair Oil Blend
Nourishing hair oil with coconut oil for dull hair.



50 ml
Bain Micellaire Riche Travel-Size Shampoo
Silicone free shampoo for dry hair.


80 ml
Bain Micellaire Riche Shampoo
Sulfate free shampoo cleanses & nourishes dry hair.


250 ml
Masque Fondamental Travel-Size Hair Mask
Deep nourishing mask for dry hair.


75 ml
Baume Miracle Hair Balm
Paraben free hair balm nourishes dry hair & dry skin.


50 ml
Masque Fondamental Riche Hair Mask
Paraben free hair mask nourishes dry hair & tames frizzy hair.


200 ml